Partners You can additionally receive a steady income with BitGrowup Construction referral program.
Bit Growup affiliate program is for every bitcoin user,so it's very easy to recommend to other.You can invite your friends,family members,employees and colleagues easily through our platform,and will be notified via email each time one of your referral purchases our mining plan.
Affiliate Commission Even if you do not make a deposit to our program you can still take part in our referral program which offer 3-level referral commission of 4%-2%-1%.
- That means you earn 4% of the deposit for any member who joins us through your referral link.
- If that member refers a new member who makes a deposit,you will earn 2% of that new member deposit and if that new member refers aother new member who makes a deposit, you will earn 1% as well.
- Your referral comission is always immediately credited to your account and can be withdrawn instantly.

Referral tools We will provide you with banners,text add,coupon codes, and other materials to help you advertise our program.